Lynn has been instrumental in not only my sports performance but also in my work performance and daily life. Suffering from fatigue, tiredness and poor recovery, I consulted Lynn, who was quickly able to determine my needs. Lynn’s advice to me was not only simple but, it was also backed with detailed research and good science. Within a few weeks I no longer suffer from muscle aches, I recover well, have improved athletic performance, improved concentration and no longer find myself falling asleep during the day. I am most comfortable in recommending Lynn to any athlete or sportsperson at any level, and, any person like myself, who just wants to keep fit and get the most out of the day.


I’ve been working with Lynn over the last 3 months and she has changed the way I look at my health. We are currently trying to have a baby and Lynn was able to educate me on the particular nutrients I was lacking, as well as suggest improvements I needed to make to my diet. She guided me on different exercise routines I needed at certain stages of the month and taught me the importance of rest and repair, between times of strength and dynamic energy. I am so grateful to have found a Naturopath who I can trust and someone who takes the confusion out of the supplement world. Lynn works with integrity and only recommends what she deems necessary for the client, as her work is targeted and yields results. I have more energy, my mood has lifted and feel that we are closer to our goal of starting a family.


Lynn’s ability to listen, her knowledge of the latest research and her easy and compassionate approach created a simple, personal program to recover my vitality and educated me on how to adapt my lifestyle to suit my goals. The plan was tailored to my life and felt achievable. Within a short time my energy improved, and the brain fog lessened and now my life is again vibrant and active.


I have seen Lynn for 2 sessions over the last couple of months – and my life has already changed!  

Lynn is extremely knowledgeable , caring and very efficient with her recommendations.

I thought that I would have to deal with gut issues and body pains for the rest of my life and that I would have to manage with it, but since seeing Lynn I have a newfound confidence and optimism that I will make a full recovery

I have seen just about every professional from integrative doctors to naturopaths to physiotherapist and chiropractors and Lynn is a huge point of difference. She looks at you as a holistic being and does not spot treat you. She has a respect that the body can heal if given the right information, recommendations and treatments. The other huge advantage with Lynn is that all her external recommendations, such as Chiropractors, natural chemists and therapies, have been amazing. Lynn also has all the information you need nicely summarized in an easy to apply, easy to read format. It takes away a lot of the fear of not knowing what is wrong and I have already seen a huge difference with all the help Lynn has given me.

I am deeply grateful, how do you thank someone for helping you with your health? God bless you


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