He’s gone, from this life anyway…but it’s not goodbye, it’s ‘see ya next time.’

And how lovely to see all the words everyone has shared to describe him, his beautiful impact on their world. So many words…from people I know and so many I don’t.

To see the lives he enriched, those he welcomed, embraced, supported and loved. All he made laugh, all he challenged and encouraged.

But why….why did it take him to go before these people share how they feel? Why wait? Kind and loving words are surely for the living.

Is it not so important to share how we feel, not only to those we love, but to the relatives, friends and loved ones of those that have any kind of fabulous impact on our lives? To bring a smile to as many faces, and joy to as many hearts as possible whilst they are still beating, while the eyes can still light up.

Please know how grateful I am to hear all these beautiful words from you who wish to share them. But reflect on the those in your life and now go on and share the kindness, the gratitude, the thanks, the anecdotal funny stories, with all those that are still here to hear them. Fill the world with happy faces, joyful hearts and love.

For you….my Dad xx

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