Finding ways to achieve relaxation when you’re working from home can be a challenge. Be it that you are wearing numerous hats as a small business owner — from customer service to balancing the books, shipping orders, and more, or saving overheads and working from the home office, or more recently, been placed at home for the health of the nation. Whatever the reason, working from home, as many are now finding, is not always as easy and luxurious as it sounds.

 Here’s some tips that may help ease some of the strain:

  • Routine: it’s so easy to fall into the trap of working until dinnertime and beyond. Set your business hours, have them on your website, and stick to them. Set boundaries – being ‘always available’ is not a good business model
    • start by leaving your phone at home when you go for a walk; shutting your laptop before dinner and leaving it closed until the next day
  • Relax: ensure you have time for yourself in your day – relaxation helps you gain perspective, improves your health and can help you be more creative. if you struggle with putting work down – schedule breaks in your diary
  • Have a dedicated work space vs. living space. If you can’t dedicate an entire room to the ‘office’, then have a spot, cupboard or basket where you can put all your work things at the end of the day and take back your living space
  • Motivation: stay connected with your work colleagues. Schedule in daily catch ups, morning tea breaks, Friday drinks – all via video chat channels. And if your a solo sailor right now – look for local business networks such as:

Needing some admin support and a virtual office address? Look at solutions such as

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