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Health is not just what you’re eating, it’s what you’re thinking, saying and your external environment.

Routine is so important right now. Whilst our usual activities and reasons for getting up-and-at-it have changed, our beings – at a physical, emotional and spiritual level – are still catching up and need consistency and familiarity.

We have a new normal, and although it may seem like a novelty and kinda fun to be working from home – no long commute, more time – we are, by nature, creatures of habit. And then on top of that we layer the uncertainty, the lack of knowing when we’ll get our freedoms back, the realisation that no one has been through this before, and we’re all muddling through as best we can. Whether we acknowledge it at a conscious level, it is stressful, and weird, and uncomfortable…and our beings are responding.

Keep some simple habits going as best you can….the key = ROUTINE!

ROUTINE ROUTINE ROUTINE – your kids and family need it and so do you.

–       Get up at your usual time, go to bed at your usual time

–       Do your exercise

–       Take your shower

–       Have breakfast

–       Get your kids school set up and your office underway

–       Take frequent breaks, but try not to snack in all of them ;)*

–       Stay hydrated – 2 litres of water per day

–       Keep your home reasonably tidy – tidy helps productivity

–       Find something every day that makes your heart sing – ensure there is fun in and amongst the weird and stressful

–       Connect with your partner – keep communication open and honest, respect the need for space and aim for a deep breath and some compassion for shorter tempers and ‘funny’ moods

* More frequent snacking (and different choices – have yours gone more fluffy carbs in focus?) is affecting leptin levels – and therefore energy levels and motivation.

Another note on food – try to eat a good balance. Tempting as it is to increase the fluffy carbs and even alcohol and coffee, all this is having an impact on energy levels – physical and emotional. Now is the time to keep your diet in a routine to – a good wholefood diet with plenty of greens, healthy fats, clean protein sources and good hydration. {Pop along to the healthy snack recipes here on the blog}.

Most importantly – be kind to yourself. These are extraordinary times and, emotionally there is a lot we are all processing and dealing with. Ease off with the pressure on yourself and the kids. Productivity has a new definition right now for all of us.  You can’t give from an empty cup – so be productive in listening and responding to what your body is trying to tell you

You don’t have to have it all figured out by next week…lean in, breathe, listen, and love.

Yours in health and happiness

Lynn & Chris

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