Both training and completing a marathon improves the health of a new runner’s arteries, a new, London-based study suggests. The study looked at 138 novice runners undertaking the London Marathon. The results – four years improvement in artery age đŸ™‚

Over six months of training:

  • their arteries regained some youthful elasticity, which has a positive impact on the risk of heart attacks and strokes
  • their blood pressure fell as much as if they were on medication

Those who were the least fit beforehand appeared to benefit the most.

Training for a marathon

  • check in with your GP if you have any pre-existing health conditions
  • start at least 6 months before a marathon
  • invest in a good pair of comfortable running shoes
  • begin each session with warm-up (at least 10 minutes) and finish with a cool-down
  • gradually increase your running distance and difficulty (flat vs. hills)
  • find a buddy to train with – this helps motivation and adds to the fun
  • have rest days between runs to allow joints and muscles to recover and strengthen

In addition to the physical training, check in with a professional to assess your nutrition and hydration. These two considerations can make or break your training and event day – adequate in take of micro- and macro-nutrients, timing of carbs vs. fats and protein, and ensuring adequate (but not too much) hydration are all crucial to successful training regimens and the all-important event day.

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