What’s your goal? Which comp are you aiming for? Have you got your training and nutrition on track?

Here’s some tips to get your training off to a great start and get you to that personal best 🙂

1) Set a realistic goal: What are your personal priorities and commitments – what time is available to train. Look at a smaller or local race to start with

2) Learn from others: If triathlons are a new thing for you – join a club or training group to help keep you motivated and inspired

3) Bite sized: Starting on a shorter course is great. Find an event that is achievable for you (see ‘1’ above). The feeling of completing one with a great time will drive you in to the next

4) Get a coach: Yes for the physical training, but equally important is your nutrition and environment as you train. You want to maximise your performance, strength training and overall regimen – this takes guidance and input on nutrition, and ensuring you’re getting maximum energy expenditure for your input.

I’ve seen some great improvements in personal best times, training ability, and recovery – all with some smart tweaks to nutrition (it’s more than just increasing protein) and adaptations to environment whilst training.

Timing of micro and macro nutrients, choice of snacks through training and racing, type and amount of hydration, all have amazing impacts.

Contact me now with questions or for a training consult – get your training off to the best start!

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