How refreshing to see research coming through showing the importance of tracking women’s menstrual cycles, and adapting their training and diets to suit their individual requirements. Long overdue!

The US soccer team are attributing some of their 2019 World Cup success to doing exactly that.

Talking about the impact of these natural cycles has begun to be more common with top sports women discussing it openly. In recent years, a number of top sportswomen have talked about the impact of their menstrual cycle on their training and performance.

Research from 2016 shows that more than half of elite female athletes say that hormonal fluctuations during their menstrual cycle had in affect on their training and performances.

So understanding the cycle in detail, allows the support team – coaches, nutritionists, performance experts – to adapt training regimens, protein intake, rest, accordingly to the individual. The results – better long-term outcomes.

Source: BBC

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