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We are the Natural Athlete, founded by Lynn Joels, Naturopath. Over 20 years exposure to natural healing modalities, Lynn has a passion for the meticulous engineering involved in healing and performance improvement using natural means.

Lynn Joels

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Lynn is a passionate and thorough practitioner, with a network of medical professionals and sports scientists at her disposal. Lynn will assess your challenges and can create a comprehensive performance programme to suit your individual needs.

Female athletes especially have a unique requirement for nutrients, repair & physiological adaptation. We look for a more balanced hormonal position that can lead to increased stamina, better sleep and less menstrual stress to give you that even playing field you’ve been striving for.

From a quick chat where small dietary changes maybe your major hurdle, to meticulously breaking down your current programme, identifying areas where performance improvement can be achieved by natural means. We support you on your journey, looking at what is required to maintain optimal health and improve performance outputs.

Please contact us, we’d love to support you to be the best version of you: